My name is Rylee and I am a fit, all-natural beauty.


Screening is required! Please be honest during this process. I make it as painless as possible, but do your best to understand your information is only used to better acquaint me with you before we share time together. I need your full name and a link to an active Facebook or Linkedin account. Please be aware that prior to the date there is a $200 deposit that will be put towards your first session.


I have an open schedule.


If you need to cancel an appointment let me know as soon as possible.


I am sure this goes without saying, but please be considerate and be clean with minimal scents.

Contact Me:

E-mail is my preferred method for communication. Texting and phone calls should be saved for the day we meet. If you choose to text me, please leave your full name and occupation.

* All fields are required. I will use email as our primary form of communication unless you tell me otherwise in the comments box.

Contact Rylee
Tell me a little about yourself. Date and time you’d like to meet. Incall or outcall preference. The best way to communicate. Screening Information. I do not discuss services or pricing, nor should you.