I am an artist and entertainer; donations are for my time, energy, and companionship ONLY!

This is not a promise of or contract for services of any kind.


This type of experience is holistic and is all about you. I recommend touch for those desiring an authentically affectionate, nurturing and restorative experience. You get to relax and receive in a safe and clean environment.  This type of engagement has a focus on relaxation, stress reduction, and increase circulation.

  • 1 hour: $350
  • 90 min: $450
  • 2 hours: $550


This type of engagement is ideal for those desiring further expression of the senses and enhanced interaction. It is inclusive of all of the best aspects of a sensual touch session with an added splash of steam and passion. We will enjoy a closer connection with more free flowing movement as we are called in the moment.

Maximum session length is 2 hours. Individuals and incall only.

  • 1 hour: $450
  • 90 min: $600 (Minimum for first time introduction)
  • 2 hours: $700


This type of engagement is optimally suited for the discerning gentleman who enjoys extended activities, appreciates adventure, and more entertaining experience. During our time together I will invigorate and delight all facets of your being; stimulating your senses with my charms and genuine affections as you have my full attention. I can accompany you out on the town for dancing, dinner and drinks or for a private soiree of our own design in which we may revel and indulge in a deeper exploration of each other’s best attributes (and any combination there-of).

In Call / Out Call:

  • 1 hour: $500
  • 90 min: $700 (Minimum for first time introduction)
  • 2 hours: $850
  • 4 hours: $1,500
  • 24 hours: $4,000 (each additional day + $3,000)


Add $200 (2 hour minimum)


Listed rates are for mid-town. Extra gratuity and travel compensation may be requested in other areas and for longer distances.

I am available for exclusive travel (domestic and international), contact me directly to inquire about longer bookings. A deposit may be required for dates over 3 hours, habitual cancellations and new clients. Overnight dates include at least 6 hours of sleep.


This is strictly for friendly social events and public encounters that do not involve role play, fantasy or PDA’s and must be paid for in advance via PayPal if your screening status is incomplete.

  • 1 hour: $250 ($150 of this deposit will be credited to your first session after our meet and greet)


Much planning and preparation goes on behind the scenes to make myself available for a select number of friends each week. Cancellations really throw a wrench in my flow and wreak havoc on my schedule. I encourage you to take a moment to check in and be clear that you will be able to follow through on plans before arranging a date with me.

  • For cancellations within 24 hours I ask for a 50% inconvenience fee ($200 minimum) to help compensate for any losses incurred as a result of the cancellation.
  • For engagements of 3 hours or more I require at least 72 hours notice or cancellation fees will apply.
  • Payments can be made by electronic transfer with PayPal. A portion of which may be applied to our next rendezvous if the inconvenience consideration is settled up promptly and you make it to our next date on time.