I have seen Rylee multiple times and thoroughly enjoyed each visit as they become a continuum of self exploration with a beautiful woman that is uninhibited, sexy, sensual, smart, and sexually adventurous. I am happy to share my experiences so you can create your own. Rylee is top shelf.”

“WOW!! What an amazing Lady. Rylee is a petite athletically built gorgeous young woman that is just irresistible. We have visited more than once and coordination was always timely and efficient. Since we first met, there has been a great connection and a sense that we’ve known each other forever. She is very sensuous, intelligent, caring and has a wonderful personality that seems to just come naturally. Rylee is like that amazing girlfriend that you let get away and that is incredibly talented in giving and receiving. She is just a once in a lifetime extraordinary lady that has amazing skills, appearance and personality that you shouldn’t miss.”

“Rylee is, in a word, exquisite. Apart from her piercing eyes, gorgeous face, and seemingly impossibly perfect acrobat’s body,  she is a pleasure to talk to, and her tantalizing open and exploratory nature will make for an unforgettable experience. If you see her once, I assure you, you will se her again. And again…”

“Rylee is a delight. Her larger than life personality comes in a small attractive package that is attentive and understanding to whatever you may need. Her skills are attention to detail far surpass her years. If you ever have the opportunity to see this girl, don’t pass it up.”